Web Hosting Provider Which Offers Free Domains

Is There Any Web Hosting Provider Which Offers Free Domains?

Free web hosting providers and domain providers are becoming popular day by day. As it’s easy to host a site with a free domain provider. Because the site’s owners don’t need to worry about the hosting expenses to run their business online.

Moreover, it helps to cut down the cost and to remain within budget. So, what’s better than a free web hosting or a domain provider? However, free domain providers and hosting providers are not the same as they are shown in the start to grab the customers.

Because free domain providers attractively advertised their business to grab more customers. On the other hand, these hosting providers come along with a number of restrictions or limitations on features.

In this case, most of the customers need to compromise on the speed, storage, and bandwidth to host a site. Generally, it’s not a good option to choose a free host or domain to run a business on a large scale.

However, if you have budget restriction then we will help to choose the right host with a free domain for your sites. For this, we have provided a complete comparison of hosting providers come along with a free domain name.

Web Hosting Provider Which Offers Free Domains

1. Hostinger:

This hosting provider offers services for more than 25,000,000 sites all around the world. Moreover, Hostinger is one of the best free or cheapest hosting providers with a free domain.

Basic shared hosting plans of Hostinger start from $0.99 per month. So, it’s a budget-friendly offer even for the small-scale sites in the market. moreover, Hostinger offers the 355ms page loading speed with 99.9% uptime.

Furthermore, Hostinger shared plan offers the support for 1 database, FTP user, a site builder and 100GB bandwidth with 10GB disk space. For CMS, Hostinger offers great support for WordPress sites through 1-CLICK installation.

With the basic shared plan, Hostinger provides 1 email account. On the other hand, if you want to grow your business then you can go for premium plans as well. Because Hostinger premium plans include unlimited storage space, bandwidth, free domain and weekly backups.

Restrictions Or Issues:

Hostinger does not offer a user’s friendly Cpanel. Moreover, it doesn’t offer the proper access of Cpanel to the users.

2. Award Space:

This hosting company is offering services for more than 17 years globally. Award Space is offering the hosting services for more than 2. 5 million sites. That’s why it is one of the largest free hosting providers with a free domain.

Besides this, it offers free support for MySQL database with 24/7 customer support services. for WordPress sites, this host provides the 1-CLICK installation with 99% guaranteed uptime.

However, AwardSpace comes with a few following limitations and restrictions:

Restrictions And Limitations:

No doubt, AwardSpace is offering the free web hosting services but it comes with a lot of restrictions and limitations. because of these restrictions, this host doesn’t offer the vital services for the customers.

Besides this, it offers only 1GB disk space for free plans along with 5GB of bandwidth. For this, you need to choose the premium hosting plans of AwardSpace.

On the other hand, this company can sell your data to the third party under a few terms and conditions.

3. FreeHosting:

With more than 15,000 users, FreeHosting company is offering web hosting services for the users, especially in Europe. Moreover, this hosting company is growing potentially due to its exponential performance.

On the other hand, it provides unlimited bandwidth for your sites as well as a multilingual Cpanel. Furthermore, it includes the 10GB disk space, support for 1 database, and 1 email account.

So, it’s a better web hosting option for free.

Restrictions And Limitations:

FreeHosting provider doesn’t offer a reliable page loading speed. It offers 2sec page loading speed that’s lower than expected loading time. So, it is one of the worst speed providers.

On the other hand, the customer support system is not responsive as compared to other hosting providers.

4. SiteGround:

It’s also an alternative free hosting provider with a free domain. Moreover, SiteGround is a well-known hosting provider due to its responsive support system.

On the other hand, it offers great and reliable performance with the highest uptime of 99.9%. the best thing is, SiteGround has an official recommendation by WordPress.

So, you can start hosting your sites from $3.95 per month including a site builder and 1-CLICK WordPress installation. Moreover, SiteGround provides unlimited email accounts and hosting plans for students to start from $1.99 per month.

So, you can enrol with this host to get the free hosting plans, especially for bloggers and students.

5. HostGator:

This web host is one of the top hosting providers for all the small scale as well as large scale sites. Since 2002, HostGator is offering top-quality services at affordable and cheapest rates. No doubt, it is the cheapest hosting provider without compromising on quality and reliability.

You can get the hosting services within $2.64 through the hatchling plan of HostGator. Moreover, all the plans come with unlimited bandwidth and storage space. Furthermore, it offers free SSL certificates and free HTTPS.

6. FreeHostia:

Do you know about Chocolate web hosting? if not then go for FreeHostia to get this unique plan. Moreover, this host offers reliable load time for better access to the sites.

Furthermore, customer services of this host are reliable and quickly responsive. On the other hand, it provides the three free email accounts and domains for five sites with increased performance and speed.

Restrictions And Limitations:

FreeHostia has storage and bandwidth restrictions for all the plans. As it offers the 6GB storage space with 250MB bandwidth. Moreover, the time is not reliable as compared to competitors.


Hopefully, this article will help to know about web hosting providers with free domains for your projects. So, if you want to get the web hosting services with free domain then you can consider the mentioned above hosts. But before this, try to focus on the needs and requirements of your sites to make the right selection.


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