Hosting Controller / Plesk Control Panel – Reviews & Comparison

In this article the We are going to discuss some important information about the Hosting Controller / Plesk Control Panel. The Hosting Controller is an Internet thing. The Starting story of this Hosting Controller was the Toronto-Based Company that bought the first Windows-based panel. Then in 1996, the First Release of Cpanel called The First Linux Based Control Panel System.

The Hosting Controller Developing and managing the windows and Linux Servers as the word described by Babar Zaman.

Hosting Controller vs Plesk Cpanel

Overview of Hosting Controller 

Hosting Controller Start the supporting Exchange in 2007 and the Sharepoint as its multi Solutions suite. After That The Hosting Controller Company Introduced the HCnix that the Linux-only version of the Platform. These things Gained very Popularity and from 2011 to 2015 the Cloud hosting Became very Popular at that time.

After these all the things the hosting controller starts supporting the Vmware and Xen also.  Now the Hosting Controller is a well-rounded company and giving their services to Microsoft cloud solution providers.

Furthermore, Microsoft had changed its directions and the hosting controller company also. Hosting Controller Developed some hybrid and cloud applications after viewing the customer’s feedback. That Hosting Controller Company Gives attention to customer support and also thinking about the outcomes in the future. Other you can see the details below.

Overview of Plesk Control Panel

The Plesk is basically the most multi-functional Cpanel in the world. Its a Complete Multi-Level Hosing platform That can give you the Administration and many features option to set up the hosting business for serving the customers. The Very excellent source for Shared hosting and also the VPS or Dedicated Servers providers. The majority Operating systems Support the Plesk, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and windows, etc.

Plesk for shared hosting providers

The point is that the Plesk for the Shared Hosting Providers it is best or not? The Plesk for shared hosting is Best all the time and you can set up your own shared hosting services packages. Also, you can offer these services to customers. This Platform is providing you some operations that such as the emails, DNS settings, Websites and the Web Interface things Very Easily.

The Plesk Control Panel of the End Customers is Very User Friendly that they are easily find all the options as provided in the hosting services.

Plesk for businesses

The Plesk is the platform that gives you the High-end best WordPress hosting Services that you can set up your own hosting services and gives the user or your customers. It has been designed for all the small to medium size businesses. It has Excellent security and stability levels also it makes the business management and all the services that need the website to live on the internet.


Just say that the Hosting Controller is much better than the Plesk When some of the Features are listed like the Stability and Security etc. Plesk has some other features in comparison.

There are the automated backups in the Hosting controller servers and the Restore time is less than an hour. So go fo the hosting controllers Also you can read the Services of Plesk here also.


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