Best WordPress Hosting With Free SSL – Buyers Guide & Reviews

This article will help you to save your sites from spams and hackers. So, we will provide a complete and detailed analysis of hosts.

Moreover, this comparison will help you to choose the Best WordPress Hosting With Free SSL. For this, we will focus on Free Hosting With Free SSL.

Hopefully, you all know about the SSL security to protect your sites and business. Besides, it helps secure payments and transfers through online sites.

Mostly, the cost of SSL is more than $265 annually. But you don’t need to pay in all hosting cases.

Best WordPress Hosting With Free SSL

We all know about the importance of SSL for sites. That’s it would be a great challenge for hosting providers to deal without it.

Therefore, multiple best hosting providers companies offer numbers of plans and packages with low or free SSL security. However, it depends on you that, how are you choosing these plans and packages?

Although, all the plans and packages are not the same for SSL. That’s why you need to do proper research before choosing a plan for your sites. Especially, when you are looking for Best WordPress Hosting With Free SSL.

Therefore, after the complete research, we are here to provide high-quality hosts with free SSL services. So, let’s take a look.

  1. BlueHost: $2.95 per month

It is offering hosting services for more than 2million websites globally. Moreover, BlueHost offers the best WordPress Hosting With Free SSL.

Furthermore, it has official recommendations by WordPress. On the other hand, BlueHost has a standard of services and provides 24/7 support for customers.

Especially, BlueHost offers free SSL security for all its basic and pro plans. Additionally, these SSL certificates are powered by official Let’s Encrypt authorities.

So, you can install and activate the SSL on behalf of this authentic company.


  • Free domain for annual plans
  • Offers Free SSL certificate for all plans
  • Officially recommended by WordPress
  • 24/7 customers support
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth


  • Increment of prices in case of selecting the ads-on while checking out.
  1. HostGator: 99.99% Uptime

It is a popular platform to offer the Best WordPress Hosting With Free SSL. Moreover, HostGator is one of the top dedicated hosting providers.

Additionally, it provides the best 99.99% uptime. Just like Bluehost, HostGator offers free SSL for all plans and packages. So, with the upgrading of plans SSL security also upgrades and you don’t need to suffer from security issues.

Whether you are selecting a cheap plan or a pro plan the SSL security remains the same for all. Moreover, you can get the ultimate protection for your site’s domains for all the search engines.

However, if you want to extend the value of security then you need to pay for extra SSL features. through this, you can upgrade the level of SSL security for all plans and packages.

So, the cost will be $19.99 per year for advanced positive SSL.


  • Provides best services for dedicated hosting
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth with free domains
  • Free SSL security
  • Excellent Uptime 99.99%


  • Expensive plans as compared to competitors
  1. InMotion: Best for VPS and shared hosting

It offers great VPS and shared hosting services as compared to its competitors. So, there is nothing better than InMotion hosting for shared plans.

On the other hand, InMotion offers the Best WordPress Hosting With Free SSL. Moreover, it provides cloud-based VPS hosting services.

To activate the SSL, you just need to turn on the SSL security from settings. So, you can get an encrypted site. However, in InMotion hosting, SSL security depends on the purchased plan and packages.

For example, to get the SSL for shared plans you will get it simply with plans. But for VPS plans you need to install the AutoSSL in your panels for free.

It’s easier to manage the security of the sites through AutoSSL. Moreover, you can get the automatic renewal for AutoSSL for free.


  • Offers affordable pricing plans start from $3.90 per month
  • Free SSL and backup services
  • Best VPS and shared hosting provider
  • 90 days refund policy


  • Expensive VPS hosting plans as compared to competitors
  1. A2Hosting: 99.95% Uptime

It also has an official partnership with Let’s Encrypt authorities to offer free SSL. So, you can get the Best WordPress Hosting With Free SSL through A2Hosting.

Additionally, you don’t need to install the SSL certificate separately. So, you can protect your sites easily without spending a lot of time.

Moreover, you don’t need to do more work for the configuration of sites in case of A2Hosting. So, if you are a less experienced person then you can do it better through it.

On the other hand, users can get 100% responsible for the speed problems and issues. Moreover, you can purchase the advanced SSL features for increased protection of sites.

For this A2Hosting offers the multiple plans for SSL including:

Single SSL: to offer the basic protection within $49.95 annually.

Premium: It offers the protection for business sites for $99.95 per year.

Wildcard: it provides single SSL for unlimited domains within $149.95 per year.

Advanced:  This SSL is best for eCommerce sites and businesses within $199 annually.


  • Lifetime money-back guarantee
  • Excellent customers support


  • Does not offer free domain
  • Good Uptime 99.95%

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to select the plans for Best WordPress Hosting With Free SSL?

Undoubtedly, all the mentioned hosts are offering Free SSL services. However, if you are looking for shared hosting then BlueHost is best. Besides, HostGator and InMotion hosting are best for VPS and dedicate hosting plans.

So, you can select the required one based on your hosting types. Moreover, you need to focus on the investment as well. For this, if you are looking for small scale business or site then BlueHost basic plan is more than enough.


The bottom line is, this article has provided the complete comparison or details of all the best hosting providers. moreover, it focused on the free SSL security mainly.

So, you don’t need to search more to get the best hosting services. You can get the complete guidance from our article including plans and features for SSL.

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