Best WordPress Hosting For SEO – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best SEO hosting is the strongest factor for the better ranking of sites and blogs. However, there is a need to focus on, how to find the Best WordPress Hosting For SEO?

Through this, you can get the better speed and performance of your sites. However, there are multiple hosting plans and packages for the sites.

But you need to pay attention to specific SEO aspects and figures to choose the right best WordPress hosting for your site. Therefore, in this article, we will provide the details of hosts with good SEO features.

Moreover, it depends on content-based optimization or complete site optimization.

Best WordPress Hosting For Seo

Best WordPress Hosting For SEO

As we mentioned above, you need to choose the host based on optimization requirements. For this, customers need to look at SSH access in hosts for better site’s content.

On the other hand, if you are not afraid of using the LINUX setup then VPS hosting might be a good choice for your site’s optimization.

To get the secure WordPress hosting for your sites, you need to focus on optimization as well. Because it is the main thing for the ranking of sites.

Essentially, your search engine ranking based on the host of your sites and business. For this, here are a few top hosting providers for better SEO.

  1. Fat Cow: excellent SEO Solution

It is an online hosting provider for large scale and small-scale businesses. Moreover, the main focus of Fat Cow is to provide the Best WordPress Hosting For SEO services.

So, the beginners can set up their sites and businesses with the right hosting solution. Interestingly, Fat Cow has an international flagship for endurance.

Besides, providing great services for beginners, Fat Cow offers excellent services for SEO. Here are a few following interesting features of Fat Cow.


  • Storage and bandwidth

Unlike other hosting providers, Fat Cow offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space. Undoubtedly, these features are necessary to get the Best WordPress Hosting For SEO.

  • Speed

Fat Cow offers good loading speed based on modern technology and techniques. Moreover, good speed is necessary for better user experience.

Besides, it is one of the main considerations to get the ranking at search engine pages.

  • SSL Certificate

Security is the main factor for the site’s optimization. Moreover, search engine pages offer strict security for the sites. For this, Fat Cow offers layered SSL security for the sites.

Through the shared SSL certificate, customers can get advanced security of the websites.


  • Pricing plans and packages for short term
  • Easy to use interface
  • Offers account dashboard for better management


  • Expensive long-term plans
  • Unclear upsells
  1. HostGator:

It is one another reputed host to offer the Best WordPress Hosting For SEO. Moreover, it offers a wide range of hosting plans and packages.

Besides, HostGator provides dedicated services for shared, VPS and reseller hosting. Moreover, you can get affordable pricing plans for WordPress as well.

So, you can get the significant hosting plans for your sites to get the top search engine ranks. According to SEO, HostGator provides the following attributes:

  • Excellent uptime:

For the high ranks of websites, the sites must be accessible all the time. So, HostGator offers the 99.9% uptime for better availability of sites.

Moreover, through this excellent uptime, you can keep your sites running all the time.

  • Free site migration:

Undoubtedly, site transfer is a critical part of the site’s hosting. Most of the time, it requires expertise for the professional migration of the sites. Besides, it might be a time taking procedure for beginners.

But with the help of HostGator, you can get the free site migration in easy steps. Moreover, it will keep your sites running without affecting the SEO of the sites. So, the customers don’t need to spend extra on migration.

  • Bandwidth and storage:

Luckily, HostGator offers unlimited bandwidth and storage for the sites. So, the sites can get the Best WordPress Hosting For SEO through it. Moreover, it will help to improve the performance and user experience.


  • 45-days refund policy
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 1CLICK WordPress installation
  • 24/7 customers support


  • Only offers the cloud-based WordPress hosting
  • Annoying upsells expectations
  1. A2Hosting: SEO-Friendly Company

It is an independent hosting provider. A2Hosting offers a wide range of hosting plans and packages with multiple options. Moreover, it provides the VPS, shared and LINUX hosting services to get the Best WordPress Hosting For SEO.

Surprisingly, A2Hosting offers the best SEO friendly services for better optimization of sites. So, let’s take a look at following SEO related features.

  • Uptime

As we all know, uptime is the main consideration for a better ranking at search engines. Therefore, A2Hosting offers 99.9% uptime for the sites and businesses.

  • Highest server speed

Unlike other hosts, A2Hosting offers the fastest servers for the sites. So, the sites can get better services to get the Best WordPress Hosting For SEO.

  • Attracta:

Surprisingly, A2Hosting offers an amazing attracta feature for optimization purposes. Additionally, Attracta includes multiple plugins and tools for the SEO of the sites and business. The best thing is, Attracta is available for all the customers without any additional cost.


  • SEO friendly services
  • Free sites migration
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • Backups available only for Turbo plans
  • An expensive hosting plan with Turbo feature

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Does SEO require a higher budget and premium hosting plans?

No doubt, SEO is the main part of all the sites and online businesses. But it doesn’t require higher budget plans and packages in all cases.

As we saw above, A2Hosting offers free SEO services through attracta. Then why are you looking for additional budget and investment? We don’t think so, it’s not a good choice to choose an expensive host for small scale business.

However, if you are running a large-scale business or sites then you need to invest more in SEO of the sites. Because without it, sites can’t get the desired position or rank at search engines.


Above all, searching for Best WordPress Hosting For SEO depends on your business needs and requirements. Moreover, it also depends on your investment and budget. Luckily, all the mentioned above hosts are offering great SEO features.

So, you don’t need to spend extra. Hopefully, this article will help to fulfill your site’s optimization and host needs.

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