Best Hosting For WordPress WooCommerce – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Now these days, WordPress and WooCommerce make it easier for anyone to establish their online businesses. However, to get the managed WooCommerce hosting, you need to choose the right host.

Moreover, the best hosting for WordPress WooCommerce will help to grow your online business rapidly. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the hosting providers for WooCommerce.

Moreover, we will provide a detailed comparison of the hosting plans specifically for WooCommerce. So, you can choose the right host for your WooCommerce needs and requirements.

Undoubtedly, multiple companies are providing hosting services for WooCommerce sites. But you need to choose based on business setup and needs.

Best WordPress Hosting For Woocommerce

Best Hosting for WordPress WooCommerce

No doubt, WooCommerce hosting offers multiple benefits for the business. Moreover, it offers better handling and maintenance of websites. So, you can focus on the growth part of the business through the best hosting for WordPress WooCommerce.

Moreover, you can get the following benefits through WooCommerce hosting:

  • Offers the automated setup of WooCommerce sites and business
  • Backups and recovery for data security
  • Support system for WooCommerce businesses

So, it’s the main criteria while choosing the host for WooCommerce sites or businesses. Moreover, each hosting company offers specific features to offer unique services for WooCommerce.

  1. LiquidWeb: Expensive WooCommerce hosting

It is one of the most expensive hosting providers for WooCommerce. However, LiquidWeb offers great attributes for the best hosting for WordPress WooCommerce.

Additionally, it has specific plugins and tools for WooCommerce.


  • WooCommerce features

As we are talking about WooCommerce, LiquidWeb offers great WooCommerce features. it offers the specific setup for the WooCommerce including page builder plugin and Astra Pro themes.

Moreover, it provides optimization for mobile pages. Through a free SSL certificate, clients can get better security of data. Besides, through the abandoned cart, you can handle more than 50 stores at a time for free.

LiquidWeb offers the separate support system for the better setup of stores. Moreover, you can get PCI scans as well. But you need to pay an additional cost.

  • Plans and packages

LiquidWeb offers multiple plans and packages to get the best hosting for WordPress WooCommerce. Besides, it provides the WooCommerce plans start from $19 per month.

So, you can handle the high traffic with great scalability through it. However, the plans become expensive fastly, more than $999 per month.

  • reliability

LiquidWeb offers great configuration services for the complete setup and management of WooCommerce stores. Moreover, it provides advanced support for setup through additional cost.

Therefore, it is a perfect place to manage your stores even with additional features. moreover, LiquidWeb has a completely controlled Cpanel to make it easy to use.

  1. DreamHost: dedicated WooCommerce plans

It offers the managed hosting for WooCommerce. Moreover, DreamHost has separate plans to offer the best hosting for WordPress WooCommerce.


  • WooCommerce features

DreamHost offers the following features for WooCommerce:

  • Pre-installed WooCommerce for the optimized and configured performance.
  • Offers the great protection for high traffic to save it from hacks and slow down.
  • vaultPress backups for better protection of data
  • real-time monitoring for downtime
  • dedicated support system
  • free SSL certificates for security
  • plans and packages

just like as LiquidWeb, DreamHost offers the expensive plans to get the best hosting for WordPress WooCommerce. Therefore, the starting price is $16.95 to $71.95.

moreover, you need to pay little more for the highly stable WooCommerce services for a better experience.

  • Uptime

Luckily, DreamHost offers great WooCommerce services just by signing the account. Moreover, it offers preconfigured services for WooCommerce stores.

On the other hand, it has advanced Cpanel for better control of the services. So, you can set up your stores comfortably.

  1. BlueHost: affordable WooCommerce plans

It is one of the popular platforms for WordPress hosting. Moreover, BlueHost has an official recommendation by

So, you can get dedicated and affordable hosting plans for WooCommerce sites and stores. Besides, BlueHost has the preinstalled WooCommerce.


  • Plans and packages

Luckily, BlueHost offers affordable pricing plans for the best hosting for WordPress WooCommerce. So, the starting price is $6.95 per month. Moreover, it offers 100GB storage within this plan.

Additionally, you can get the advanced services for $8.95 per month through the plus plan. On the other hand, it includes the CodeGuard for the better protection of data.

  • WooCommerce features

As we mentioned above, BlueHost offers a dedicated hosting plan for WooCommerce. You can get additional benefits as well

  • Free online setup calls for the better running of your store or business.
  • Preinstalled WooCommerce including WordPress
  • Free SSL for security
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and storage
  • Uptime and reliability

BlueHost offers an excellent uptime of 99.99% for WooCommerce stores and sites. Besides, it’s a simple setup for WooCommerce. Because it has pre-installed WooCommerce and WordPress.

Moreover, BlueHost has a customized dashboard for the better management of the stores.

Frequently asked question (FAQs)

Which host is suitable for the best hosting for WordPress WooCommerce stores?

As you noticed above, there are a lot of hosting providers with unique features for WooCommerce. However, you need to choose that fits according to your store’s requirements.

So, if you are looking for an affordable and budget-friendly host for WooCommerce then “BlueHost” is a good choice. Through this, you can get all the WooCommerce services under $10/month.

On the other hand, “DreamHost” offers mediocre plans and packages for WooCommerce stores. So, if you are looking for balanced and managed services then it is a good option.

The bottom line is, “LiquidWeb” has all the unique and specific features to offer the best hosting for WordPress WooCommerce. Undoubtedly, the prices are higher but you can get all functionality under one platform.

So, if you are running a large WooCommerce store and looking for advanced hosting services then LiquidWeb is the best choice.


Hence, all the provided hosts are offering great services for WooCommerce stores and businesses. However, the plans and packages differ based on pricing and packages. But you can choose the desired based on your store’s requirements. Hopefully, this article will guide you in the right way to select the host for your new or established WooCommerce store.

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