Bandwidth and disk space

How Much Bandwidth and Disk Space Do I Really Need?

The bandwidth of a Website Totally depends on the number of visitors on your website monthly. Mostly 99% of Websites Are using no more than 5 GB of bandwidth in a month. So If your visitors is increased and you feel that your website is slow and no more space left go for higher bandwidth.

The Bandwidth of a website depends on the Website if you have a large scale of websites like video streaming websites etc. You will need Unlimited bandwidth of those websites especially.

We are going to show you the Real Bandwidths depends on the page size and the number of visitors on your website.

How Much Bandwidth and Disk Space Do You Need?

Average page size Number of Pages Disk Space Needed Number of Daily Pageloads Number of Monthly Pageloads Bandwidth Needed
2 MB 100 200 MB 100 3000 6 GB
2 MB 500 1 GB 500 15000 30 GB
2 MB 1000 2 GB 1000 30000 60 GB
2 MB 2000 4 GB 2000 60000 120 GB

Unlimited Disk Space

When it comes to the disk space then it depends only on the content of your website. It varies from site to site mostly websites can take in Mbs and some are in Kbps. The Average Mbs per page are no more than 2Mb Because of the Late Loading time and bad user experience.

There are many Hosting Providers like Bluehost you can read the Bluehost reviews 2020 and some others are offering unlimited disk spaces so we think 5-8 Gb is enough for small to medium scale businesses or websites.

However, if you have a website like a video streaming or movies which have banner ads and some other pop-ups then it will cover more size. in that condition and other downloaded software websites then 50 is less for that we think.

Unlimited Bandwidth is Okay?

Most websites are offering the unlimited bandwidth that is okay to go? In our opinion that is nit okay.

The unlimited things are just a joke they know that it will not cross the limit. You just have Brings more users and 50 Gb is enough for that most of the cases.



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