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The Average Hosting Uptime Study – Definitive Guide

Lets Here Talk about the Hosting Uptime Why its important and How It will be checked Manually. Uptime is a very important part of the hosting that hosts your website. Whenever you talk about the Perfect web host you should have to check its uptime first.

This is the amount of time that your server is giving back the response to load the website pages and other features. It is displayed

in the Percentage of numbers like 99.7%. So it means that if your website has good uptime then your website will be fast and has excellent loading page speeds. There are many scams hosting providers that are offering cheap hosting but their uptime is not well just words.

So that’s why we Made this Guide that will let you know which hosting providers are real and has good uptime also. We have done our research and filtered out the best hosting providers in 2020 that are offering their best services with good uptime.

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Average Hosting Uptime Guide

A good and fast uptime tells the quality of the hosting. So Why it’s very important because When you tell your website to someone and imagine it loads late and response late by the backend server then?

80% of the User closes your website if it will open late and the server is not responding well. That counts a bad user experience on your website and it may lose your visitors and traffic.

Mostly Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo, Bing also considered its a fact that its very important for Search Engine Optimization as well.

Google Will penalize your website for that If your users are frequently close your website again and again. So Uptime is a very important factor while buying any hosting You can check uptime manually as well.

Best Uptime Hosting Providers

  • Bluehost Hosting Provider

So the Bluehost ranks # 1 when it comes to the Uptime the Latest uptime calculated that is 99.7% that tells the quality of the Bluehost hosting. Bluehost hosted 2 million websites in 2020 and its the very lowest rate quality hosting here read overall Bluehost Reviews you will be satisfied after reading all the Honest reviews by its satisfied customers.

  • Hostgator Hosting Provider

They will guarantee you that the uptime is Original and it has a vast customer list all over the globe. Currently, Hostgator hosted 8 million websites that are in 2020. It’s very affordable Even you can buy highest plan that starts as $6 per month.

  • Siteground hosting

Siteground is also the best hosting when it comes to uptime. It has the most reputable name in the overall internet industry. It provides the 99.9% uptime rates and they are very well company serving their services all over the world.

The shared hosting Plan for siteground is start from $3.95 per month you can rea more its prices and the overall packages Siteground Reviews these are all the honest reviews.


So it very important to check the uptime while choosing the web hosting because it very main factors it will make or destroy your website in the future so chose it very carefully we have listed all the best hosting providers above.





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